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2017 analysis of commercial restaurant refrigeration equipment industry development in China
  2017-9-24 18:22:41          18

Commercial restaurant refrigeration equipment is widely used in various types of food and beverage establishments, specifically commercial refrigerator used for food preservation, chilled, frozen, refrigeration work table in the fridge can be used as operating platform, on the basis of efficiency, exhibition display cabinets are used to sample the show and sale, commercial ice machine dedicated to drinks, Ice required for food production.

In recent years, along with the sustained and steady growth of the national economy, and China's catering industry is also experiencing rapid development stage.According to statistics, retail sales of China's catering industry maintained a rapid growth trend of recent years, rose of 436.9 billion yuan from 2001 to 2015 of 3.231 trillion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of over 15%.In 2015, the restaurant industry achieving catering revenues as a percentage of the total retail sales of consumer goods over 10%.

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