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Tight supplies of raw materials prices of refrigerant
  2017-9-24 18:25:49          51

According to the online news industry shows that as of Friday, HCFC-22 refrigerants apron factory offer at 1.25-13,000 yuan/ton;HFC-134a main apron ex-factory price of 1.98-20,000 yuan/ton;HFC-125 mainstream apron factory price at 3.0-31,000 yuan/ton, the manufacturers use R410A;HFC-32 mainstream apron ex-factory price of 1.60 to 16,500 Yuan/ton, some manufacturers were not available, suspend quotations;HFC-410A prices of main apron in 2.3-25,000 yuan/ton.

The saying goes "when situation improves", from the current market performance, the next refrigerant or will usher in a new round of sharp rise of the market.

Hydrofluoric acid, fluorite supply, R32 is out of stock

Recently, hydrofluoric acid and fluorite surging markets.Early central environmental protection inspectors based in Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces, the Inspector duration 1 months, under the influence of season factors and environmental inspections, fluorite factory heavy environmental impact, Zhejiang fluorspar plant shutdown maintenance, under the demand, a sharp rise in the market.The AHF and raw materials from raw fluorite tension with the social inventory is not high, there is a shortage, but September is a month, limited transportation, farm supply tensions.

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